About Efficsounds

Hello and thank you for dropping by! I am Aaron O’Donnell. I am a guitarist, music producer, composer and the founder of Efficsounds.

I have always enjoyed time spent playing the guitar whether it is playing music I have learnt from my favourite bands or performing live with my band.

I would spend hours writing riffs to turn into songs for my band. I now write music for Royalty Free Libraries for video creators and movie makers to use in their projects at a cost of a single license.

Please look through my portfolios on the various music libraries and also my YouTube channel containing many videos that demonstrate how my music can be used over video.

Enjoy, and please feel free to drop me a line.

YouTube Channel

See some examples of videos from my YouTube video or see the whole channel from this link….

Free How to videos


‘RISE UP’ is an album completed during Lockdown May 2020.


Back in the day I was the frontman in the rock band SYMBO.

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